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iPod shuffle… yet again.

Here I go again. I know that I have been blabbering about the shuffle for more than a month now. I said I was going to me one of these things but unfortunately my source said the shuffle didn’t make it to Davao. I had to wait another 3 weeks to find out that some big shot store got all of the stocks allocated for Davao.


I have to wait til March. And it’s still a very very very long time from now.

Anyway, the raves (and the boos) for the shuffle has not died down a bit. Here, I present to you the latest shuffle rave that I found. This is written by Scott Goldman of Indystar.

Apple’s Shuffle ripe for picking

Scott Goldman

Super-portable iPod, good even for athletic use, winning raves for its AutoFill function.

What you should know about Apple’s Shuffle

Scott Goldman

• How much music can it hold?

Apple has two versions — the 512 MB holds up to 120 songs and sells for $99 at the Apple Store; the 1 GB version holds up to 240 songs for $149.

• How much will it REALLY cost me?

There are a couple of recommended extras, like a battery pack, sport case and arm band, but you can seriously walk out of the store with just the Shuffle and you’ll be very happy. The earpods have even gotten better, so you don’t need to upgrade those.

No comment on how much you’ll spend downloading music from the iTunes music store.

• What’s the coolest part of the Shuffle?

Amazingly, it’s the plug. The bottom of the unit is a tiny white cap that covers the USB 2.0 plug that you use to load songs from your laptop. And while the unit is plugged into your laptop, it recharges the internal battery. The included lanyard snaps into the plug as well.

• How long does the battery last?

Up to 12 hours. Mine still was going after 12 straight hours of use. The optional battery pack adds 20 more hours of playback.

• Does this only work on a Mac?

Nope. Mac or PC. You just need a USB port, and the software for the latest version of iTunes comes in the box.


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