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My Mac Thoughts: things I’m doing to forget that I’m Mac-less (it’s not working, though)

I forget really on how many days it has been since I last had my hands on an Apple portable. A month? Not really. It just seems like it.

I’m getting another portable soon. Four days from now, to be more exact. Not exactly brand like my previous iBook but the owner says it still works. I”m a bit apprehensive about getting a second hand portable since the original owner did say the things crashed when he put in an old RAM. It caused his hard drive to crash and burn. It had to be replaced. But he said things we’re going fine since Apple repaired it. I hope so.

Lately, I’m using my brother’s notebook which he got from China and is branded as Hasee. From China? Must be junk. No, not really… for a Windows PC. It has impressive specs that cost around seventy-five thousand pesos. If this were a branded or well-known brand, the cost would have been somewhere near ninety-five or a hundred thousand.

All the time I was using Windows, I sometimes felt annoyed and frustrated. I miss having Expose. I miss having just to put to sleep my iBook instead of having to turn it off. I miss Mac OS X and the ease of doing things.

I sold my iBook and my desktop PC; I really didn’t do anything in my desktop PC except play Need for Speed Underground 2 and back up files. Felt like an expensive game console and big hard disk drive. My discomfort for the past few days might not be due to the fact that I don’t have a computer. I think it’s more of the fact that I am not online most of the time.

I admit: I am an internet addict.

I am an internet junkie.

I spend hours on end everyday checking forums and reading articles that aren’t that interesting really. I go to websites like Fark.com and various Mac websites. The first was for entertainment and the rest was to stay “informed”. Yeah, right. Poor excuse to just stay online. What do you expect from a jobless bum like me?

However, since being computer-less for a week or more I realized that there’s nothing much on the internet that provides me with entertainment or information. Websites like Sunstar Davao and Philippine Daily Inquirer provide me with daily news but there’s nothing new. It’s the same boring city and country.

I guess there’s nothing much to be gained from this net addiction of mine (as is the case for most addictions). I’ll see what will happen when I get my “new” powerbook on February 10, 2005.

I rambled. I’ll just post another blog.


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