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iPod Shuffle Reviews

They were bound to come out. The reviews. And I’ve been waiting for them.

I’ve been waiting in anticipation on when the Shuffle’s going to released in Asia then here in the Philippines. Today, Apple’s website in Singapore and Hong Kong has been updated to show the latest stuff that Jobs announced. When I clicked on the iPod Shuffle it’s already available for ordering BUT you have to wait for 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Just tonight, Ynzal sent emails to inform their customers that the Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle have come. Well, not exactly. They are pre-orders. The Mac Mini is at 38,000 pesos with 3 year warranty and the iPod Shuffle 512MB will cost 6,995 pesos. Yum! There’s depositing involved so you can get a reservation for either the Mac Mini or iPod Shiffle or both.

I’ll just wait for Microwarehouse.

For the reviews

Here’s one from Walt Mossberg of “The Mossberg Solution”.

More to follow. I really have to go to sleep. Comments on Walt Mossberg’s review later.


Here’s a review from a guy named Russell Beattie. He bought a Creative MuVo last December for $100 (256MB). He’s now looking for a buyer for MuVo.

Another review from Playlist. They promise to write a more comprehensive review after they have put the Shuffle through its paces.

Asia.cnet.com previews the Shuffle. As usual, the comments revolve around it not having an LCD screen, FM tuner, recording capabilities, blah blah blah.

I’m still waiting for reviews from some “big” Mac reviewers.


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